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Career Coach Program - Express

Step2it Network LLC's Career Coach Program - Express is a customized coaching program designed to help individuals jumpstart their career goals quickly. The program includes a variety of services that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

The program offers a career interest inventory and transferable skills analysis to help clients identify their strengths and interests. The prograpersonal com also includes goal planning to help clients establish a clear direction for their career. In addition, clients receive a customized plan that includes five of the services listed below and is delivered in six weeks:

• Resume review with revision recommendations to improve job search materials.

• Company-specific cover letter to help clients stand out from other job applicants.

• 15-minute mock phone interview to help clients prepare for upcoming interviews. 

• "Tell me a little about yourself" or 60-second infomercial elevator speech response to help clients prepare for networking opportunities and interviews. 

• Weekly job leads for six weeks to receive notifications about job openings that match their interests and qualifications. 

• 30-minute job application assistance session to help clients navigate the job application process successfully.

 • Salary requirements letter to help clients negotiate their compensation package.

 • Endorsements list to provide clients with additional support during their job search.

The Career Coach Program - Express includes six weeks of coaching with 30-minute weekly sessions as a standard feature to provide ongoing support and guidance. Through this program, clients can expect to receive personalized guidance and support to help them achieve their career goals quickly and effectively.

Complimentary follow-up is provided for 30 days after services are rendered via email and/or phone.


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