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Career Coach Program - Platinum

Step2it Network LLC's Career Coach Program - Platinum is a comprehensive career coaching service designed to support professionals in their career transition journey. The program includes a range of features such as assessment testing and evaluation, goal planning, company-specific cover letters, salary requirements letters, endorsements lists, and a personalized career search strategy called Script for Success.

The program also offers guidance on industry research and identification to help clients find suitable career opportunities. In addition, the program includes three months of coaching with weekly 30-minute sessions, a one-hour interview planning and role-playing session, and a 10-minute monthly phone call outside of coaching sessions.

The Career Coach Program - Platinum includes unlimited email support for three months, allowing clients to receive ongoing guidance and support as they navigate their career transition. Moreover, the program offers one year of follow-up support via phone and/or email monthly to ensure that clients maintain their progress and achieve their career goals.

Through this comprehensive program, clients can expect to receive professional guidance and support to help them identify their strengths, develop their job search strategy, and achieve their career aspirations. The Career Coach Program - Platinum is a valuable investment for professionals who are committed to their career growth and success.

Complimentary follow-up is provided for 30 days after services are rendered via email and/or phone.


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