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Career Coach Program - Gold

Step2it Network LLC's Career Coach Program - Gold is a comprehensive career coaching service designed to help individuals reach their career goals. The program includes a range of features, including assessment testing and evaluation, goal planning, a career change resume, a company-specific cover letter, and either a salary requirements letter or an endorsement list.

The Career Coach Program - Gold also includes a "Tell me a little about yourself" or 60-second infomercial elevator speech response to help clients prepare for interviews and networking opportunities. Moreover, the program includes "Script for Success," a personalized career search strategy that provides clients with a clear path to achieving their career aspirations.

The program offers three months of coaching with weekly 30-minute sessions, providing clients with ongoing support and guidance. Additionally, the program includes a one-hour interview planning and role-playing session to help clients prepare for job interviews.

Clients can also take advantage of unlimited email support for three months to receive additional guidance and support outside of coaching sessions. The Career Coach Program - Gold provides six months of follow-up support via phone and/or email monthly to ensure clients stay on track with their career goals and continue to make progress.

Overall, the Career Coach Program - Gold is an excellent investment for individuals who want to advance their careers and achieve their goals. With a range of features and ongoing support, clients can expect to receive personalized guidance and support to help them navigate their career journey successfully.

Complimentary follow-up is provided for 30 days after services are rendered via email and/or phone.


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